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Men Heated Puffer Jacket Electric Heating Coat Insulated Hood Windbreaker

Men Heated Puffer Jacket Electric Heating Coat Insulated Hood Windbreaker

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Perfect for skiing: With its lightweight and long-sleeve puffer design, this heated jacket is ideal for skiing. It provides the necessary warmth without hindering your movement, allowing you to fully enjoy your skiing experience.

Hooded for added protection: The jacket features a hood, which provides additional protection against wind and snow while skiing. Whether you're gliding down the slopes or taking a break, the hood keeps your head and neck warm and cozy.

No battery included for convenience: This hooded electric heated coat does not come with a battery included, making it convenient for skiers. You can use your own preferred battery pack, ensuring that you have enough power to keep warm throughout your skiing session.

Designed for both men and women: Inclusivity is key, and this heated jacket is available in sizes and styles suitable for both men and women. It caters to all skiers, regardless of their gender, ensuring that everyone can stay warm while hitting the slopes.

Reliable electric heating technology: The jacket utilizes electric heating technology that is reliable and efficient. The heating elements are strategically placed, evenly distributing heat across the jacket, providing you with consistent warmth during your skiing adventures.

Note: Random delivery of heat generating area

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